Sacred Womb Festival, August 26 to august 30 at Angsbacka, Sweeden

Yoga Breathe and Meditate Yourself Alive 17-19 July

For many people life is a constant search for something without knowing exactly what.
Osho says that life is like a pilgrimage to love and if we do not achieve an inner sense of love, our life remains a pilgrimage.
This retreat will offer you a inner pilgrimage into a deeper sense of self love and self-awareness. From our innermost essence, our true self, we can blossom open in our lives and manifest our dreams in an alignment with our soul`s purpose.
Welcome to a soft, deep and joyful exploration into your inner mystery of Self.

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Yoga Breath and Meditate yourself Alive

Sacred Womb Festival

In ancient times, women gathered to support each other through transitions and challenges in life. It was understood that the mysteries of life were directly linked to the vibrations of the Earth. 

Once again women are rising all over the world, to claim their power and stand together in sisterhood.

Sacred Womb Festival is a part of this movement and we wish for it to become a strong platform for all women to gather in sacredness and rememberance. A space to remember who we are, where we come from, and where we are going. 

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Sacred Womb festival 2020

September 2020:
Shamanic Trance Dance & Cacao Ceremony
in Oslo

In this Cacao Ceremony and Shamanic Trance Dance we will sow dream-seeds inside ourselves and dance them awake in this inner journey.

Women`s Circle & Cacao Ceremony in Oslo

Women`s Circle and Cacao Ceremony in Oslo

Fall 2020 – more info coming soon